MP-3416ADDRESSING FACULTY – Students are kindly requested to refer to the faculty as Miss, Mrs., or Mr. (last name). We ask that the parents encourage this. Teaching assistants are referred to as Miss (first name).

REGISTRATION – Registration is held twice a year. Registration in August is for all three trimesters with classes from September through June. Registration in April is for the six-week summer workshop. There is a $25 annual registration fee per family.  At this time the school only accepts payments in the form of CASH or CHECK. No notices are mailed out, so please mark your calendar as to when tuition is due. There is a $25.00 fee for checks returned by the bank.

REFUND POLICY – If a student withdraws before classes begin, the $25.00 registration fee will be withheld. No refunds are given.

MAKE-UP CLASSES & STUDENT ABSENCES & INJURIES - Classes canceled by the studio will be rescheduled for a make-up. If a student must miss a class, please notify the school and see the office for the best make-up class. Make-up classes are a privilege and will only be allowed if there is an opening in a similar class. All make-ups must be taken within the same trimester as the absence and are not allowed during Watching Weeks. There are no make-up classes for Character, Jazz, Modern or where there is not a comparable class.

If students are not healthy and dancing on pointe four weeks prior to a performance,
they will not be allowed to perform for their own safety.

In order to maintain our level of excellence and present the most professional performances possible to the public, only students taking year round (with the exception of optional August classes) will be considered for Nutcracker casting.

ATTIRE – Students must wear cover-ups and street shoes to and from class. Changing of clothes and fixing of hair must be done in the dressing rooms. Males are not allowed in the female dressing areas and vice versa. Girls do not wear underwear under dance clothing. For classes and rehearsals, the school requires uniform leotards, tights, and character skirts; sold through the studio. Leather ballet shoes are required through Level V and strongly recommended for all levels and also available here. Class attire varies by level. Hair must be off the face and neck, and, if long enough, pulled back in a bun or pinned down so nothing is loose. Ponytails are acceptable for very young children, but buns are encouraged and, by the time a student’s enters Ballet II, buns are mandatory. Hair must be natural color: blond, black, brown, or red are the only acceptable hair colors.  Temporary tattoos are not allowed. Neutral nail polish is preferred. The only acceptable jewelry is small stud earrings for female dancers. Dancers in Jazz/Modern wear their uniform with black jazz tights and black jazz shoes.

PUNCTUALITY – Parents must be timely in dropping off and picking up children. Creative Dance children may not be left unattended before class. Staff will take the tardy Creative Dance student to class. All other late students should open the studio door and stand inside until the teacher places them. Students who have missed certain warm-up exercise will be instructed to observe class rather than take it, if the instructor feels that the student may risk injury. Continued tardiness in the upper levels is reason for dismissal from the school.

LOST AND FOUND – Parents are welcome to check the lost and found box. Names should be in all dance clothing, including shoes. J.S.S.B. is not responsible for articles left in the dressing rooms. Personal items may not be left overnight. The lost and found is emptied regularly with the clothing being donated.

EMERGENCIES – Please notify the office if an emergency arises. Parents are asked to NEVER interrupt a class.

RECEPTION AREA – The reception area is also our office space, so we request that you do not wait during your child’s class due to the personal nature of some of our work. Parents are asked to keep young children quiet. Turn off phones. There is no food or drink allowed in the office or studios, as well as no gum chewing in the building.

SPEAKING WITH TEACHERS -We kindly ask that you do not attempt to talk to teachers before or after class. If we have concern about a student’s progress or behavior, we will contact you. If you do not hear from us, your child is progressing appropriately through their level. If you have a concern that needs to be addressed, please email Mrs. Pelt at info@jsvalander.com.

SCHOLARSHIPS – Scholarships are available for Company, Apprentice Company, and Level A. They must be asked for (in writing) before classes begin in August. Once those funds are allocated in the fall, our scholarship fund is depleted for the year.

GENERAL – Parents should check the website, bulletin boards, signs in the windows and the desk for newsletter, announcements, and other items of interest. Students advance yearly unless faculty feels a change in level is necessary.

Tornado Watches/Warning:
? Classes will not be canceled for tornado watches/warnings, however, if parents believe it is in the best interest of their children to keep their students home the absence will be excused.
? Students and faculty will be moved to safe shelter locations when a tornado warning is in effect. Locations are listed below.
? Parents who wish to retrieve their student amid severe weather may do so until sirens are activated in Crystal Lake. When sirens have been activated, all faculty will be unable to serve parents as they will be in the safe shelter location with the students.
? Students will not be permitted to leave independently when a tornado warning is in effect and/or sirens have been activated.
? Once sirens have been deactivated and the warning has been lifted, classes will resume as scheduled.
? Office staff will be unavailable to answer phone calls while a warning is in place. Parents may leave a voicemail and calls will be returned once the weather has passed.
? Should our building lose power, emergency lighting is in place to direct faculty and students to a safe location.
Safe Shelter Locations:
1) Basement of 68 N. Williams St. also known as our Costume Space (Primary)
2) Basement of 83. Woodstock St. (Secondary)
3) Basement of CoreBodyWork (if students are in class there)
Winter Storm Watches/Warning:
? If inclement weather is forecasted classes will not be cancelled but if parents believe it is in best interest of their child’s health and safety to have them at home, the absence will be excused.
? If the weather begins to deteriorate during class hours, parents may elect to pick up their dancers early.
? A wind chill factor of -20 degrees Fahrenheit will be the determining factor as to whether to close. In this case, make up classes will be scheduled. Class cancellations will be posted on our website, social media pages, and voicemail.
Student safety is our primary objective. At all times, weather conditions are monitored to ensure dancers are kept safe. Parents are strongly encouraged to make arrangements for their child due to closings and ensure that their child is appropriately dressed for all weather conditions.

The school reserves the right to accept or reject students.