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What happens when beauty and simplicity connects. We tried to give you a slight hint of that with the Colorway Theme.

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Children's Dance

The Children’s Dance program provides a fun and nurturing environment that promotes the development of creativity and expression. Children make new friends and are physically active while building a strong foundation for a lifetime love of dance. The Children’s Dance program is for boys and girls age 3-6 and they are grouped based on age.

Beginning Ballet

Beginning Ballet dancers begin to form the foundation of proper technique and core strength that are essential to ballet. Additionally, students will start being taught the etiquette and traditions that are such an important part of the art form.

Intermediate Levels

At intermediate levels, students begin to become more comfortable with the basic techniques, gain a better understanding of how to apply corrections, and begin to develop the inspiration and passion that are so important in dance.

Aspiring Professionals

The Pre-Professional Ballet Training program at JSSB is designed to help students excel, not just in ballet, but in life. This program asks a lot of the dancer, but gives so much in return. They will learn a great deal from the hard work and dedication that is required to train at this level – and they will love every minute of it.

It is our mission to train our students properly in the beautiful art form that is classical ballet; the foundation for all dance technique. We will provide each student with the tools to maximize their abilities and reach their full potential. Whether their destiny is as a professional dancer or it leads them in a different direction entirely, it is our goal to instill the virtues of the art form, and a sense of achievement that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.